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Perfection is for the Flawed - Sometimes I still see myself in that lonesome bedroom................StarCoreKid [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Perfection is for the Flawed [Nov. 26th, 2004|03:41 pm]
[Current Mood |lovedMore than you could imagine...]
[Current Music |Rilo Kiley : Accindntel Deth]

Things will always be perfect. No matter what happens. I always have Lisa. I love her. I found my perfect girl. I love you Lisa.

I got Rilo Kiley's newest CD today. I'm listening to it now. And if you look at my current music, and you're wondering. Yes. Thats actually how the title is spelt.

I think I'm getting a digital camera for christmas. That would be cool, cuz I've been wanting one. A lot.

I need to try to remember tommorow to look at F.Y.E. for Rilo Kiley's older album and for Straylight Run albums. Yeah, I'm going to the mall with Josh and Chris. *shrug* No real reason. Fun I guess.

I would sacrafice evrything for what I love. I just keep imagining and it makes me smile. When I think about being with Lisa. Hopefully the time will all pass by quicker than it seems and I'll be with her. And then we will be together foralways.

Rilo Kiley is so good. They just make me sad sometimes.

Things I love this very second:
Rilo Kiley